Crystal Gardens, Victoria

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(all photos ©2003-2021 Dan Pollock)
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what others have said

Date: Tue Jan 23 18:00:27 EST 2007
Name: me
Message: beautiful

Date: Sun Feb 11 15:41:59 EST 2007
Name: p
Message: This is georgus! I think i spelled that wrong!

Date: Fri Feb 23 16:37:55 EST 2007
Name: Flygurl
Message: breath taking! can't wait until summer

Date: Tue Mar 27 03:28:52 EDT 2007
Name: Rasito
Message: subhanallah!! who's have created beautiful life in the beautiful forest

Date: Thu Apr 26 15:25:02 EDT 2007
Name: M
Message: too bad I can't get out there. it's amazing!

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