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(all photos ©2003-2021 Dan Pollock)

what others have said

Date: Thu Jan 11 22:17:56 EST 2007
Name: Rachel Kim
Message: Where were you when you took this picture? It looks really pretty~<3

Date: Sat Jan 13 21:34:41 EST 2007
Name: Dan Pollock
Message: Somewhere in Vancouver, I can't remember exactly where.

Date: Tue Jan 23 02:17:19 EST 2007
Name: nima
Message: This is a very nice.Ihope one day see this scen. and finally want to thank of photographer for this pictuer

Date: Thu Feb 8 17:38:28 EST 2007
Message: hi forest

Date: Sun Feb 11 15:38:33 EST 2007
Name: peacegirl
Message: i love that you enjoy the environment that so many others take for granted!

Date: Thu Apr 26 15:17:39 EDT 2007
Name: M
Message: u really know how to capture the best pictures! congradulations!

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