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what others have said

Date: Sat Feb 3 10:40:35 EST 2007
Name: meg
Message: cool huh

Date: Tue Feb 6 11:55:47 EST 2007
Name: zoe 101
Message: sideways lightning bolts, COO!!

Date: Tue Feb 13 15:43:48 EST 2007
Name: corndog
Message: dam

Date: Fri Feb 23 13:41:09 EST 2007
Name: barryueo
Message: this picture was taken in the city of bristol it caused mahem here!!!!

Date: Fri Feb 23 19:42:21 EST 2007
Name: Pollock
Message: No, it was taken in Waterloo, Ontario.

Date: Sun Mar 4 13:24:21 EST 2007
Name: Anonymous Coward
Message: very iterestin.  alothough the charges are not meeting!!!! :)

Date: Sun Mar 4 14:02:00 EST 2007
Name: Anonymous Coward
Message: This is a very uncommon lightningg bolt.  HOwever there is a name for it. it is called a spider

Date: Thu Mar 8 15:46:27 EST 2007
Name: Dawn Hegesi
Message: Why are is the lightning going sideways

Date: Wed Mar 26 08:15:39 EDT 2008
Name: Dawn
Message: "Dawn Hegesi"...that's my this your real name?...where are you located?

Date: Fri Mar 9 00:16:51 EST 2007
Name: Levi Nickens
Message: it may beecool but it is dangerous

Date: Wed Mar 21 10:19:45 EDT 2007
Name: Anonymous Coward
Message: wowwwwwwwwwwww its relly cool & scary at the same time

Date: Mon Apr 23 16:44:43 EDT 2007
Name: nina

Date: Thu Apr 26 14:40:27 EDT 2007
Name: M
Message: Why is it called "the spider"? It doesn't look like a spider to me... However, I find it great!

Date: Wed Jun 13 10:05:01 EDT 2007
Name: Pammy
Message: ooooooh i lurve sheet lightning lol

Date: Thu Jan 10 15:17:50 EST 2008
Name: Anonymous Coward
Message: Where is this?

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