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(all photos ©2003-2021 Dan Pollock)

what others have said

Date: Tue Jan 23 11:39:05 EST 2007
Name: Anonymous Coward
Message: its shiny

Date: Sun Mar 4 13:21:30 EST 2007
Name: Anonymous Coward
Message: i love this pic

Date: Tue Apr 10 19:19:49 EDT 2007
Name: blank
Message: My teacher was telling us that it is very hard to get a picture before the lightning cracks and i think this is very interesting because i need this for a school article so this is REALLY COOL!!!!!

Date: Fri Apr 20 09:37:43 EDT 2007
Name: hidayah
Message: lightning is very dangerous.

Date: Mon May 7 09:34:14 EDT 2007
Name: Brian Rainey
Message: A very good photograph - am I correct in my assessment that the photograph shows the downward stroke and the upward streamer from earth orior to them joining ?

Date: Wed Jun 13 10:02:49 EDT 2007
Name: Pammy
Message: i love the way the cloud seems to be rippling around it, as if it's a cover for teh lightning..the blue makes it look even more fantastic!!

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